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yuri / yuri (Vocals)
motsu / motsu (Rap / Vocals)
It has been exactly a year and a half since I created this unit. At the time I was considering this group to be my "undercover group" since I was already a member of "Favorite Blue" however, my busy release schedule forced me to keep this group under wraps.
But now I am joined by yuri (Vo.) and motsu (Rap), and this project is ready to take off with more energy than at its initial conception.
I met motsu about 7-8 years ago and I can still remember my first impression of him - "an anarchist, creative and a bit of the scary clubber type." motsu later created a vogue and techno mixture unit called "MOREDEEP," and as the leader of the group debuted from SONY RECORDS. At first it seemed that the public was catching on, but commercially MOREDEEP was labeled as a failure. But to me, he had more than caught my eye.
His style of music, English capabilities, unique character, and most importantly, his rap technique convinced me to work with him.
As for yuri, in the search for a vocalist, I was going through a video tape of an audition TV program that was handed to me from the record company staff. Unfortunately she was not included in those videos as it was edited to only show the winners, but I found the program interesting to watch. One day during a meal, a staff member turned on the TV, and the same program happened to be airing, and there she was!
The very next day, I got her information package, and communicating through coordinators, was able to confirm her interest and her strong love for music, and the rest is history. I started recording with her without any form of auditioning. Some people asked me if I wanted to work with any of the audition winners, but after a series of discussions and working in the studio, I was certain that I was already in the best situation.
The biggest reason that I decided to include her was that she was best fit for my type of music and that her voice can easily travel through motsu's. I'm very excited about her.
Finally the group name "m.o.v.e" comes from the emotions of "not sticking to one form of music, always in pursuit of something." Along with warmly looking over us, and I ask for your continuing support.

Text by takashi kimura (1997-10-01)

An alternative electro-rock group from Japan, m.o.v.e mixes electronica with rock with the use of a male rapper and a female vocalist. Known for their long collaboration works with the animation series "Initial D," they have participated in US animation conventions in Dallas as well as Washington DC.

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